Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Vacation

Rachael likes to joke that we are co-dependently independent. While we all have our separate lives, we like to make sure we’re involved in what the others are doing. So going on vacation is, of course, a family thing. At the beginning of July we went on our annual trip up to New York to our childhood home. (If you’re a follower of our blog, you might remember me mentioning it before.) I have to say, I think this might have been one of my favorite trips home. We did a lot of things that I haven’t done since we were kids. There were trips out to farms to go raspberry & cherry picking, then a picnic at Bond Lake, complete with the little girls exploring for butterflies, bugs, fish and frogs. As you could expect, by the end of the day both were soaking wet from falling into the lake!

One of the unfortunate side effects of a vacation is you eventually have to go home - and the better the vacation, the less you want to leave. But if it’s a great vacation (relaxing and stress-free), then you’ll come home refreshed and ready to tackle all those pesky tasks you’ve put off. After a couple of days treading water, I feel exactly like that! Watch out to-do list, here I come!

Until next time,