Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome Gifts

Some of your guests may be traveling a long distance to your come to your wedding. It is always a really nice touch if you have "welcome" gifts waiting in their room when the arrive!
Welcome gifts are an opportunity to express your personality. A really great welcome basket will get you guests excited for what is yet to come the rest of the weekend!
This is also one part of your wedding that is easy to put together yourself if you need to cut some costs. Or if you don't have the time this is also something a wedding planner often offers or a local gift store or often florist will offer as a service.
Below is the following recipe for a great welcome gift:
1. maps and brochures - include things that you and your fiance enjoy doing in the town/city
2. snacks - everyone loves snacks! (I had one bride who had Krispy Kreme donuts with icing in her wedding colors waiting for her guests)
3. drinks - include a bottle of water or your favorite bottle soda (like an Izzy)
4. personal - include something that represents a quirky/fun part of your and your fiance's personality
5. A PERSONALIZED THANK YOU NOTE - this is a way to really thank each of your guests individually and an opportunity to let them know how much they mean to you
6. come up with a really cute package to put all of these items in - it is all in presentation! At a friends wedding they had customized eco-friendly totes made with a cartoon of both of them on the front - I still have and use mine :)
FINALLY, have fun with it and get creative!!!

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