Thursday, January 6, 2011

All Hail the Queen

All Hail the Queen

My obsession with all things British started back in 5th grade. We were taught to write a proper letter and were told to write that letter to a famous person we admired. We were warned that we might not receive a letter back. Now most of the kids in my class were writing to their favorite movie and sports stars. Several wrote to politicians. But me, I went big...I decided to write the Queen of England.

About a month or so went by and, all of a sudden, there it was in the mail. A letter from Buckingham Palace!! Now before you get too excited, it wasn’t from the Queen herself but from one of her Ladies in Waiting. Still for a young girl like myself, it was a big day and the moment my obsession started.

Recently, I got to live out a dream and visit London. It was there that I first saw Jenny Packham in person. My parents and I were walking down a street and there it was, a beautiful gown in a brilliant window display. The luxuriant fabric combined with unique detail and vintage feel of her design is pure magic. I stopped in my tracks, took a picture and told myself that one day we would carry Jenny Packham in the bridal store.

As it often happens, the real world interferes with grand plans and my hope of obtaining Jenny Packham gowns fell to the side while I worked on other projects. But luckily for me, fate was on my side. A different label’s rep that we worked with switched to Jenny Packham and contacted us.

So we are now very pleased to announce that we carry Jenny Packham Bridal!! Jenny Packham was honored as British Bridal Dress Designer of Year in 2008 and she’s rumored to be in the running to design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. SJP, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, & Keira Knightley are just a few of the celebrities that wear her beautiful gowns. And for those of you that are big Harry Potter fans like me, the beautiful red gown worn by Emma Watson in the newest movie is a Jenny Packham. So sneak a peek at her beautiful designs on her website at Then call and let me show you how beautiful you’ll are in one of her gowns.

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Rachel Hamm said...

I love all things British, Kate, and I can not wait to see one of my brides in a Jenny Packham gown from Tre Bella!