Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Altar Ego Info!

Hello all! We are very proud to announce that we've got a phenomenal band lined up for the Altar Ego Fashion Event.

May I present to you the Mint Julep Jazz Band...

With their little big band lineup of 4 horns, rhythm section, and vocalist, the Mint Julep Jazz Band recreates the hot jazz sounds of the 1920′s, 1930′s, and 1940's through arrangements based on original recordings from the jazz age and swing era. Our lineup includes Al Strong on trumpet, Peter Lamb on tenor saxophone, Aaron Hill on alto saxophone and clarinet, Aaron Tucker on drums, Jason Foureman on bass, Jared Wofford on guitar, Lucian Cobb on trombone, and Laura Windley on vocals. For more information, photos, and recordings of the Mint Julep Jazz Band, please visit our website at http://www.mintjulepjazzband.com.

Here's a link to their Facebook Page too.

Can't wait!