Sunday, July 12, 2009


We love flower girls!
There are a couple of things to consider when deciding on how to accessorize your flower girls:
1. How old are they?
Age will determine the type of flowers you should pick for them. Younger girls might have a hard time tossing petals so consider a basket filled with flowers that match your bouquet. Also, orbs made of hydrangeas, button mums, or spray roses may be an alternative.
2. What type of personality do they have?
Outgoing flowergirls will probably love tossing petals, flowers in their hair - being the star of the aisle. For shy flowergirls consider having someone walk with them down the aisle.
3. What should they wear?
You can coordinate their dress to match either your gown or your bridesmaid's dresses. It is always nice to ask the girls what they would like to wear - but don't forget to involve the mothers :) We also think it is thoughtful to give your flowergirls a piece of jewelry that they can cherish as a keepsake (and maybe use it one day in their wedding).

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