Saturday, July 18, 2009


In Durham we are so lucky to have the beautiful Duke Gardens - one of my very favorite locations for an afternoon walk, a picnic lunch, a WEDDING or an EVENT! Where else can you have incredible African waterlilies as your backdrop to a ceremony, or giant bamboo perfect for a bridal portrait, baby ducks, gorgeous flower beds, I could ramble on for a page on everything we love about the gardens :)
Above are the wonderful images (by Penny Noel photography) of the NACE event that we recently did at the Gardens. I am calling it modern garden chic with 4 different centerpiece designs - 1. silver lanterns with loose flowers; 2. 3 cylinders of varied heights with floating orchids and candles paired with 2 mint julep cups with fuchsia peonies; 3. Low wide cylinder with river rocks and floating flowers with a large cylinder set inside; 4. Curly willow branches with three cylinders around the base.
Using different styles of centerpieces makes the room more interesting and also acts as conversation pieces as your guest mingle at different tables. The key is to make them different and unique while keeping some elements the same.

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