Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heirlooms - Pass it down

As a bride (or a groom) you spend so much time planning every detail of your wedding. Then the wedding day comes and it is over before you even realize it! Make your wedding last longer than just that one day. We suggest having a couple of unique details from your wedding become heirlooms - you may spend a little more on them but you can pass them down to your future children and grandchildren.
Below are unique ring bearer plates that you can monogram with your names, initials, or with a saying (check out their website at I love them - what an original and unique element to add to a wedding.

Buy nice champagne flutes for you and your finance. We suggest finding flutes that reflect your personal style. I love the modern look of these monogrammed flutes available at

And don't forget the cake!

You have to check out for these awesome cake toppers - they are so detailed and vintage looking!

I wish I could tell you were to get the toppers below because they are the coolest toppers I have ever seen! But alas I found them on another blog and they did not list the web address :(
Happy hunting - if you fin them let us know!

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