Monday, August 24, 2009

Yellow in the Fall

Most brides associate yellow with the summer or the spring . . . we say yellow is an undervalued color for all year! The trend has been to match yellow with chocolate brown or black but we suggest trying something new. Pair bridesmaid's bouquets in shades of yellow with dresses that are navy or plum.

We also love having separate looks from the reception to the ceremony - keep some elements the same but mix in a new detail or color to make the venue feel more interested. If you keep the ceremony flowers in shades of yellow, green, white then add darker shades of burgundy, rust or even dark pink at the reception (the darker colors will also help keep the yellow from looking to springy).
Instead of the traditional white cake try a cake with yellow flower details - or even a very pale yellow icing.

Below are some yellow flowers we love (clockwise from top to bottom):
dahlia, cymbidium orchid, tulip, rose, mokara orchid, freesia.

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