Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Bride Wars

I'm betting that most of you have seen the recent Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway movie The Bride Wars. And after watching most any of the reality bridal shows, you would think that two friends planning a wedding would come to blows over who gets blush and who gets bashful as their wedding colors. But, I am happy to report that I have recently met two pairs of friends that have dispelled this notion!

My first pair of happy friends came in a couple of months ago. One wedding was coming up sometime this year, and other wasn't until the following year. This particular pair couldn't be happier for each other. I met my second pair of happy friends the other day. These brides were not only friends, but they were actually roommates. Both sets of friends were as happy and excited for the other person's wedding as their own. Rather than fighting over ideas, they were coming up with ideas for each other. Each wedding was as unique as the individual. Good friends that they were, they celebrated the differences that made the weddings (& the brides) unique.

In a world of reality TV, it's nice to see at it's not always actually reality.

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