Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Modern Trousseau.

All play and no work – gets Kate in trouble with her sisters! To make sure I wouldn’t get in any trouble, I combined a little work and pleasure on my weekend trip to NYC. We have decided on picking up a new line and after a lot of searching for the perfect collection, we decided on Modern Trousseau. (As a side note, if you ask Becky, she’ll tell you that for the last couple of years she has been telling us to pick up that line!) Since I was going to be up there with a couple of hours to spare, I thought I would give April at Modern Trousseau a call and see if I could stop by. April, who is the nicest person, let me come by and see their beautiful showroom.

In pictures the gowns from Modern Trousseau are beautiful. In person they are stunning. They are more than just great looking however - each gown is made in the USA and each is made custom, so anything you want to change can be done. When you order your gown, you know it will be exactly what you have dreamed of since you were a little girl.

As a little preview, I’ve include a picture from a recent photo shoot we did with the Kendra gown that April had sent down for us to check out. We’ll be receiving our gowns starting at the beginning of August. I can’t wait – I’ve been like a kid counting down to Christmas!!

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